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M'lady Character Turnaround by Northfarthing
M'lady Character Turnaround
This is a character turnaround I did for class which I took a step further by colouring. Once it's all together it looks really sharp. I'm really happy with it. 

She's a kind but tough lady knight who doesn't sacrifice wearing a dress for being a knight. Her name is actually Mathild Lady. 
Spirit of Home by Northfarthing
Spirit of Home
Spirits of home who's passive presence and familiar relationships with those who dwell there.

This started out with a field sketch that I wanted to finish. the lady I sketched from in the college was talking to another woman but only had time to draw the one, But I liked it enough i wanted to finish it, and I felt a ghost or spirit of some sort would really piece this together. and I really like the idea of household spirits, spirits of home. 
The Bear and The Maiden Fair by Northfarthing
The Bear and The Maiden Fair
"The Bear and the Maiden Fair" is a ribald traditional song sung throughout the Seven Kingdoms. It describes in a humorous tone the story of a hairy bear that, while going to a fair with a band of three boys and a goat, rescues a maiden who was hoping for a knight. It is very popular, being enjoyed both by nobles and smallfolk.

So while listening to some lovely songs from game of thrones I decided I wanted to do another bear & maiden image. I feel like this theme is one of my favourites! 

I started this late last nigh so I was impressed to see that I had it finished this soon.  I would say it's fanart but it's not really I'm just amused with the story of the song. 
Leander the Crow Child of the Unseelie Court by Northfarthing
Leander the Crow Child of the Unseelie Court
If you all remember the Unseelie queen of the arcane court -> <da:thumb id="477274004"> <da:thumb id="450970443">, this is her grandson. 

Leander is essential one of the few heirs to the arcane throne. Seelie and Unseelie while ideally have one ruler is far from the truth, and often have small handfuls of monarchies mostly given power by willingness to follow. His sovereignty is to the acane court, a small collection of unseelie who for the most part are lost to myth, the ents and tree folk, the hidden folk, creatures long lost to the eyes of man. This court is often forgotten, although powerful. They tend to have a habit of not getting their hands dirty and using their arcane magic to keep themselves hidden. But still hold as a threat if their way of life is disturbed. 

Leander has always been one foot in the arcane world and one of the world of man, which would have been a different story if he hadn't have made a pact with a small halfling witch ( Lisette ) when he was but a child. Which not only tied him to her, in more ways than one ( he ages with her, and is affected by her ) but also tied to the land, and spends most of his childhood and young-adulthood sort of longing to find her again and either destroy the pact ( by killing her ) or to fulfill it. And since it's his childhood obsession he's more or less inlove with this ghost from his childhood. 

Elderwood, characters and concepts belong to both :iconspiritlullaby: and :iconnorthfarthing:  

Lisette -> <da:thumb id="477685457"> <da:thumb id="456017696">
Prince Lior of the Summer Court Lakes by Northfarthing
Prince Lior of the Summer Court Lakes
Prince Eos Lior ( The Blind Swan )

Prince of a small kingdom surrounded by large lakes. He's a halfling prince who's nearly blind, and he's got a reputation with foreseeing prosperous events.  ( he has directed ships to underwater goldmine's as well as known when a bad drout was to come ). And while his deeds are nobel he's very much not the adventure seeking, war fighting kind of person, and a lot of the time has a hard time managing the throne, leaving him anxious.


Eos Lior the blind swan.
In a lake and sea bordered kindom of humble size, lived House Lior (House of the sailing sun). it was small but prosperous kingdom sitting atop some of elderwoods largest gold veins. This small kingdom was known for the gold exported via the vasts lakes and huge ships.  It was a peaceful kingdom, who didn't trouble themselves with war, and while the sea riddled with pirates, violence and crime has long since found other places on land.

The Reputation of House Lior has always been, that they hide behind gold walls. With no king and a widowed queen of seelie birth, the small but bountiful Throne has been left to the only living heir Prince Eos. A halfing of noble blood who since birth has suffered his vision dying, leaving him almost blind, and weak as a king. This alone draws many an eye to his throne, and so he spends his days behind walls and men.
The people of his kingdom are loyal and greatful for their abundance and wealth, and don't so much mind having a peaceful quiet king, as he posesses a great gift of vision. On countless occasions, Eos predicted great drouts, location of large gold veins, enimies on their borders and had once even predicted the attack of a pirate armada, stopping war before it started. Eos's gift of vision has won the loyalty and hearts of his kingdom, making him loved by his people and court.  Yet Prince Eos still locks himself in, and hides from his subjects. His meloncholy dimenor, and anxousness brought rise to rumors about bad visions or perhaps a vision of his own demise. No one knows for certain but that he is a prince loved by all and seens by few.


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